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Hoxton Mini Press - Start Up London

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Over 200,000 startups launch in London every year in living rooms and kitchens, under railway arches, in industrial parks and converted warehouses people are dreaming up, plannning, starting or actually running their own business.

Startups are by definition fresh, imaginitive and original fuelled by optimism and dynamism. These are young businesses, less than five years old, that are working to find solutions to problems, be they personal, political or environmental. Entrepreneurs don't look at what's available and wonder why, but see things that aren't on the market and ask themselves "Why not?"

Here are the stories from 30 of the most creative of those businesses. From Kings Cross to New Cross, from digital apps to distillaries, these small businesses have big ambitions to change the way we eat, shop, play and view the world. This book is an inspirational guide for anyone dreaming of starting their own business whether it be in London or beyond.

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