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Dor & Tan - Incense Holder - Speckled

Minimal, Matte Black Incense Holders for easing yourself into wind downtime or to invigorate the mind to begin the day ahead. We suggest lighting a stick when having a coffee break or enjoying a meal with friends and family.

Dimensions: Ø16cm H2cm
Aperture: Ø1mm
Origin: Handmade in St Ives, Cornwall
Colour: Speckled w/ Transparent

We designed the bases of these Holders to catch the dusty residue, so simply pour away and wipe clean after use.
Dor & Tan are Sharron, Peter, Matthew, and Viola. Their story began with a desire to break away from the disposability of modern life, to create objects with a more personal connection. Dor & Tan want their items to become cherished memories, that favourite cup you always pick when boiling the kettle, the soup bowl you reach for after being caught in the rain. They want to bring handcrafted items to people, that have a unique soft character which cannot be created any other way than by the hand of a maker.


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